Accessories & Furniture:

Everything in the Accessories and Furniture categories are 100% handmade at our facilities in Høruphav, Denmark.


As a standard we use danish oak from a local woodchopper. 

We carefully select the best pieces of wood for our products.

Each piece is unique and therefore you won't find two products that are exactly the same.

Since we make every single product by hand we believe that we have one of the highest quality control standards in the industry.



















The collection by Langbo:

The prototypes of our products are made by hand. Carefully carved by designer Niels Langbo, then reverse engineered to make it possible to share with the rest of the world.

We chop the wood into workable sizes and process them on a CNC machine. We now have a raw cut of our product.


Afterwards the work of skilled hands can begin. This is where we will mill and sand the products by hand.

We add a laser engraved LANGBO logo to each product. This type of engraving has been chosen to secure a long lasting sharp look.

As the finishing step in our production we treat the product with multiple layers of oil to give the product the right look and feel. The layers of oil makes the product durable and long lasting*.

*To make the product last longer: clean with a dry cloth and  keep out of direct sunlight