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Hundehvalpen - Only at

Hundehvalpen - Only at

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Everything is made in Denmark Everything is made on Als In December 2019 we at Langbo Design, decided to challenge the tendency to outsource production of Danish design. We want Danish design produced in Denmark. Through hard work, patience, willpower and a lot of help from our friends, we made it happen. On the small island Als, in southern Jutland, grew an oak tree. In April 2018 the tree was cut down. A local woodchopper named Henning brought it to his saw mill to cut it into thick planks. We carefully selected the best pieces and brought them back to our workshop. We cut them down to a workable size and gave them to our good friend Morten to process on his CNC machine. Afterwards the work of skilled hands began and our little loved ones were perfected. When we cut the wood into workable size we got some leftovers. We turned those leftovers into the natural oak boxes that contains our little loved ones. We are so proud to present to you, Hundehvalpen by Langbo - Made in Denmark with love Materials:Oak, treated with oil. Measurements: L:16 cm x W:3,5 cm x H:8 cm

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